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Legal Raps
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Legal Raps

Yo, listen up, let's talk about the Kanagawa Agreement, signed by many nations, can't be a wager.

Not just about agreements, we got legal prostitution in Germany, running in the streets, with laws and conditions. But with ethical, legal, and social issues in mind, we need to be careful and not bind ourselves to darkness, let's unwind.

Federal EV tax credit, is it refundable? Well, check out the details and be reliable. And if you're into law, you gotta be a recorder, keeping documents, no need to be a hoarder.

Singapore got free trade agreements, know how many? Legal insights, no need for plenty. And what about copyright law fair use? Don't be confused, just get the clues.

Need a name for your cargo company? We got ideas, no need to be grumpy. And if money lenders are coming at you, can they file a case? Know your rights, don't let them encase.

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